Success Stories

Michigan Pug Rescue

The recent Community Day event aided our organization in paying for the medical care of 15 Pugs that were purchased at an auction from a puppy mill in Oklahoma.

The Pugs were living a life in unsanitary conditions, being bred every six months.  The Pugs ranged in age from 4 months to 6 years and all of the Pugs that we saved had medical conditions ranging from Heart murmurs requiring a consultation with a Cardiologist, Dermatological issues requiring treatment by a Dermatologist and special food prescribed, eye issues requiring prescription eye medications and appointment with the Ophthalmologist in addition to spay/neuter procedures, vaccines for Bordetella, DHLLP, fecal, blood and heart worm testing and growths removed and biopsied.  The cost of their medical care and the cost to get them at the auction exceeded $30,000.00.  By participating in the Community Day event we were able to raise part of the cost.