Friday, November 14 &
Saturday, November 15, 2014

2 Day Community Day Event!
Since 1999 we've raised over $116 Million for organizations just like yours!

Success Stories

"Eye of the Needle has been participating in the Community Day Event, for about four years. It has allowed us to help with school uniforms, work attire, for adults, food, hygiene products. pots and pans, laundry vouchers, bus tickets, and many other things , for those in need."Eye of the Needle

Support your community!

Looking to support a local non-profit through Community Day Event? It's Easy. Search for the participating organization that you would like to support in the list below. Once you have selected a specific organization, simply click on their name to purchase booklets from that organization. With 100% of booklet sales benefiting the organizations, shopping has never been so rewarding.

Find your local organization: